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This blog has been made since last year (2010). Initially, I was not sure what should I share in my blog?? So, I started my writing things with any thought about something that I really interest to talk about such as movies, people attitudes and so on.. After a long time, I started to be bored in updating my blog because I actually didn't know what more should I share in my blog?? So now, I got an idea how to continue my writing things.. I prefer to write a series story which is actually based on the true stories.. Hehe.. But, with a big changes here and there compared to the real stories to make it more fresh and attractive.. Initially, I want to write a novel but I just don't know what is the true format to do so.. so, I change my intention and just write the series story..

Don't forget to keep reading my series story until the story reaches to the end.. Thnx 4 Visiting.. Have a nice life~

P/s: But I think they are really came from my heart.. :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ramadhan Break!!


Dengan ini, saya mengisytiharkan diri sendiri untuk bercuti daripada aktiviti-aktiviti blog selama sebulan di bulan Ramadhan ini bagi menjalani Ibadah Puasa.. Selamat berpuasa buat semua Muslimin dan Muslimat.. Ahlan Wasahlan Ya Ramadhan ~


manja said...

hehe....ak pon nk cuti blog gak la...:P

Aiman Hj Amin said...

jom2x.. jom rehat.. hahah~

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