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This blog has been made since last year (2010). Initially, I was not sure what should I share in my blog?? So, I started my writing things with any thought about something that I really interest to talk about such as movies, people attitudes and so on.. After a long time, I started to be bored in updating my blog because I actually didn't know what more should I share in my blog?? So now, I got an idea how to continue my writing things.. I prefer to write a series story which is actually based on the true stories.. Hehe.. But, with a big changes here and there compared to the real stories to make it more fresh and attractive.. Initially, I want to write a novel but I just don't know what is the true format to do so.. so, I change my intention and just write the series story..

Don't forget to keep reading my series story until the story reaches to the end.. Thnx 4 Visiting.. Have a nice life~

P/s: But I think they are really came from my heart.. :)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Meraih Impian Realiti ~ OST Kisah

Meraih Impian Realiti

Gigihnya mereka jelas terlihat lewat mata ini
Namun ku tak merasa kerna ku hanyalah pemerhati

Namun di jiwa ini dapat kurasakan kehangatannya
Semangat yang membara untuk merebut gelaran sang juara

Kau juara kau pun juara
Siapa pun bisa jadi juara
Kau kecundang kau pun kecundang
Namun semangatmu takkan hilang

(Music bridge)

Gigihnya diriku kini kurasa kehangatannya
Semangat yang membara untukku menggapai puncak menara

Ku di sini kau pun di sini
Samalah kita menggapai mimpi
Kau kan pasti ku kan pasti
Mencapai segala yang diimpi

Ku di sini kau pun di sini
Samalah kita menggapai mimpi
Kau kan pasti ku kan pasti
Meraih impian realiti

Lagu: Aiman Amin
Lirik: Aiman Amin

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